Episode 4.12: Normalizing Conversations About Vaginal Health


In this episode, Cyo Nystrom of Quim is guest co-hosting with Diana, and the two discuss the importance of having conversations about vaginal health. Cyo also talks about the journey that Quim took to create a revolutionary line of sexual and vaginal health products. 

Episode 4.11: Making Creativity Accessible


In this episode, Diana is joined by Tayla, or Small Town Psycho, who is a creative growth coach in the cannabis space. They talk about the importance of making everything accessible and avoiding gatekeeping. 

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Episode 4.10: Making Media That Meets the Moment


In episode 10, Diana is joined by the incomparable Tiffany Watkins of Vanguard Media Online, who acts as guest co-host as the two talk about making media that is movement-driven. 

Episode 4.09: How the Cannabis Industry Can Help Working Mothers During the Pandemic


This episode features Danielle Simone Brand once again as guest co-host, and a necessary conversation around working mothers being pushed out of the workforce. She and Diana discuss a few suggestions that could work to make a big difference in the way women are being treated as employees, especially during this unusually trying time. 

Check out Danielle’s book: Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to 

Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out, and enter to win a copy by sending us a couple lines about how cannabis is helping you be a better parent. Until next time, stay high and beautiful. 



Episode 4.08: Changing the Conversations Surrounding Cannabis and Children


Danielle Simone Brand joins us again as guest co-host in our latest, where we talk about normalizing conversations about cannabis with children. We go into some tips, but mostly focus on the reasons we need to unlearn what we as parents were taught growing up. 

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Episode 4.07: Valuing Content Creators and Creatives In Cannabis


Calan from GreenThumbEdu joins as guest co-host in this episode, where she and Diana talk honestly about the familiar trends happening in cannabis. The two delve into the importance of valuing content creators, and focus on some ways that cannabis can set itself apart as an industry in this regard.

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Episode 4.06: The Intersection Of Accessibility, Cannabis, and Parenting (part one)


In this episode, Diana is joined by Danielle Simone Brand, author of upcoming book titled Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to

Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out as guest co-host. The two discuss some of the very real complications surrounding accessibility to cannabis as a parent.

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Episode 4.05: Making Conversations Around Chronic Illness and Cannabis Cuisine More Approachable


Chef Jazz, owner of Green Panther Chef and a Crohn’s survivor, joins Diana as guest co-host in the 5th episode of this season. The two talk about their experiences with Crohn’s Disease, and the often over-looked barriers that keep chronically ill people from full incorporating cannabis into their lives. Chef Jazz talks about the many ways she educates the community, and about the importance of making the discussions around plant medicine approachable.

Episode 4.04: The Intersection of Accessibility, Virtual Events, and Cannabis


In this episode, Diana has the special honor of working alongside guest co-host Adelia Carrillo, CMO of EventHi. The two talk about the benefits of the new digital landscape of events, along with the many accessibility holes that still exist. 

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Episode 4.03: Accessibility to Banking Solutions As a Small Canna-Business Owner


In this episode, Diana is joined by a special guest co-host: Lauren Forsch, CEO and founder of Popped.NYC. They talk about an important issue that is impacting a lot of small businesses in cannabis, which is access to banking and payment processing platforms. Check out more details about this issue on our Medium Channel, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. 

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